Now Offering Lowell Renter’s Insurance for Apartments

Lowell, MA apartment and flowers

Aaron’s Insurance Agency of Lowell and Lawrence offers renter’s insurance.  Why consider it?

If your 3rd floor neighbor overflows their washing machine and floods you out of your 2nd apartment, renter’s insurance provides money for you to move, and replace your personal property.  Depending on the value of your personal property, this is commonly under $300/year.  Less the cost of a cup of coffee every morning and you’ll never have to worry.

Beyond being inexpensive, many apartment management companies and landlords now require it.

Call Us for Your Lowell Personal, Business and Auto Insurance
Aaron’s Insurance Agency offers Lowell auto insurance, renter’s insurance and other types of personal insurance. Call us in Lowell at 978-441-2222 and Lawrence at 978-688-2233.

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